Hydrafacial Keravive Scalp Treatment – Benefits, Duration, Cost and Risks

hydrafacial keravive scalp treatment

Embark on a transformative journey with Keravive, a specialized hair treatment offered at Soul Detox® in Brooklyn, NY. As a renowned med spa, Soul Detox® combines beauty, wellness, and athleticism to create a transformative haven. This holistic approach aims to elevate your well-being through the highly acclaimed Hydrafacial Keravive Scalp Treatment. Let’s delve into the details of this innovative treatment and explore its benefits, cost, duration, and more.


In the realm of advanced hair treatments, Keravive has been gaining popularity for its unique approach to promoting vibrant hair growth and optimal scalp health. At Soul Detox®, we understand the importance of uniting beauty and wellness to provide a holistic rejuvenation experience.

What is Keravive?

Keravive is a specialized hair treatment designed to address various scalp and hair concerns. The treatment involves a multi-step process that includes a gentle scalp cleanse, exfoliating solution application, and the application of a hydrating serum or mask. Additionally, a customized treatment plan may be recommended based on an initial assessment to ensure personalized care for individual concerns such as hair thinning or scalp irritation.

Keravive Session Overview

The Keravive treatment process begins with a gentle cleanse using a specially formulated shampoo. This targeted cleansing effectively removes excess oil, debris, and product buildup from the scalp, creating an optimal canvas for hair follicle function.

Following the cleanse, a meticulous exfoliating solution is applied to the scalp, promoting cell turnover and contributing to improved scalp health.

The treatment concludes with the application of a hydrating serum or mask containing potent ingredients like hyaluronic acid, peptides, vitamins, and antioxidants. This step provides essential moisture and nourishment, enhancing overall scalp health.

Does Keravive Scalp Treatment Work?

The effectiveness of Keravive has been demonstrated through positive customer testimonials and ongoing research. Clients have reported improvements in overall scalp health, including reduced dryness, itchiness, and flakiness. Scientific studies and clinical trials further support the efficacy of Keravive, making it a promising solution for those seeking vibrant hair growth and a healthier scalp.

  • Improved Scalp Health: The gentle scalp cleanse and exfoliation contribute to a cleaner, healthier scalp environment, promoting overall well-being.
  • Enhanced Hair Follicle Function: By removing excess oil, debris, and product buildup, Keravive creates an optimal canvas for hair follicle function, supporting robust hair growth.
  • Nourishment with Hydrating Serum/Mask: The application of a hydrating serum or mask, rich in ingredients like hyaluronic acid, peptides, vitamins, and antioxidants, provides essential moisture and nourishment to the scalp.
  • Customized Treatment Plans: Enjoy the benefits of personalized care with customized treatment plans that address individual concerns, such as hair thinning or scalp irritation, ensuring optimal results tailored to your unique needs.
  • Monthly Maintenance for Lasting Results: For the best results, it is recommended to undergo the Keravive in-office treatment once a month for three consecutive months, along with the continued use of the at-home spray. A maintenance in-office treatment every 1-3 months is also encouraged to sustain the benefits over time.

Risks and Side Effects

While Keravive is generally well-tolerated and non-invasive, it’s crucial to be aware of potential risks and side effects. Understanding these aspects ensures that individuals can make informed decisions about undergoing the treatment. Here are key considerations:

  • Minimal Hair Shedding: Some patients may experience minimal shedding of vellus (non-growing) hairs post-treatment. It’s important to note that these hairs would have fallen out on their own, irrespective of the treatment. Vellus hair shedding is considered a positive sign, indicating a transition to a healthier scalp state.
  • Individual Sensitivity: While Keravive is suitable for all skin types, individual sensitivity may vary. Some individuals may experience mild discomfort or sensitivity during or after the treatment. It’s essential to communicate any concerns promptly with the treatment provider.
  • Discuss Risks with Your Provider: Before undergoing Keravive, it’s imperative to have a thorough discussion with your medical provider and cosmetic coordinator. They will provide detailed information on potential risks and side effects based on your specific health and scalp condition.
  • Possible Allergic Reactions: Though rare, individuals with specific allergies to the ingredients in Keravive may experience allergic reactions. It is crucial to disclose any known allergies or sensitivities to your treatment provider before the session.
  • Temporary Redness or Irritation: Some individuals may experience temporary redness or irritation on the scalp immediately after the treatment. This is generally mild and should subside within a short period. It’s recommended to follow any post-treatment care instructions provided by your provider.
  • Hair Products and Styling Aftercare: To optimize results and minimize potential side effects, it’s advised to wait at least 6-12 hours before washing your hair post-treatment. Using hairdryers within an hour of the session or applying heat to the scalp is discouraged.

By being aware of these potential risks and side effects, individuals can make informed decisions and ensure a safe and effective Keravive Hair Treatment experience.

How Long Does Keravive Take to Work and Last?

Results from Keravive can typically be seen after the initial treatment, with optimal results achieved through a series of sessions. For the best outcome, it is recommended that patients undergo the in-office treatment once a month for three consecutive months, along with the continued use of an at-home spray. To maintain the benefits, a maintenance in-office treatment every 1-3 months is encouraged.

Keravive Hair Growth

Keravive is designed to address various hair and scalp concerns, including dry, damaged, or thinning hair, clogged hair follicles, and dry scalp. The treatment promotes robust hair growth by removing impurities and reinvigorating the scalp. Clients have reported noticeable changes in hair thickness, texture, and overall health, making Keravive an ideal solution for those seeking a revitalized and luscious mane.

Before and After Keravive: What to Do

To ensure the best results, it is recommended that patients come to the Keravive treatment with clean, dry hair without styling products. The treatment itself takes approximately 30 minutes and is pain-free, gentle, and relaxing. During the treatment, patients may feel some suction on the scalp and experience a cooling sensation from the solutions administered.

After the treatment, the scalp and hair should be allowed to fully absorb the solution and spray before applying heat. Patients are advised to avoid using a hairdryer within an hour of receiving the treatment or applying the spray. Hair styling products can be used as soon as the product is absorbed, and the hair/scalp has dried. It is recommended to wait at least 6-12 hours before washing your hair after the treatment.

Cost of Keravive

The Keravive Hair Treatment at Soul Detox® is a 30-minute session priced at $500. This investment offers a luxurious and effective solution for those looking to enhance their scalp health and promote vibrant hair growth. Factors such as location and additional services may influence the overall cost, and our team is available to provide detailed information and address any inquiries you may have.


In conclusion, Keravive offers a holistic solution for individuals seeking to improve their scalp health and promote vibrant hair growth. The multi-step process, combined with customized treatment plans, ensures that individual concerns are addressed effectively. At Soul Detox®, we prioritize your well-being and invite you to experience the transformative benefits of Keravive. Consult with our professionals for a personalized assessment and embark on your journey to rediscover your essence.

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