About Us

Welcome to Soul Detox®:
A Spiritual Medi Spa

Embrace Wholeness, Elevate Your Soul

At Soul Detox®, we are not just another wellness spa; we are a transformative spiritual medi spa who are all about balancing the unbalanced and empowering the wellness-conscious. Our founder, Moe Widdi, envisioned a place that sheds light on the ancient practice of cupping while connecting people to a soulful and revitalizing experience.

Our Soulful Journey

From a high-end mobile service to a thriving brick-and-mortar hub in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY, our journey of perseverance led us to establish a sanctuary for comprehensive wellness education. As lifelong Bay Ridge residents, opening our first location here was a natural choice as we cherish the spirit of our community.

Empowerment through Cupping

At the heart of our brand lies cupping – a sacred and time-honored practice. Through negative suction pressure, our bodies receive oxygenated blood, while toxins are naturally drawn to areas of negative pressure. The result? A profound improvement in overall wellness, mental clarity, and a complete sense of betterment.

We're all about embrace the soulful movement

Soul Detox® crafts personalized experiences by blending cupping, toxin pulling, hydrafacial, massages, and LED therapy to suit your unique needs.

Join us to unite with well-being enthusiasts. Embrace the ancient art of cupping and mindfulness for a harmonious future.

Ready to start your soulful journey?

Discover wellness, empowerment, and the ancient art of cupping.
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