Aromatherapy | Scalp + Full Body

Embark on a blissful 60-minute journey of relaxation and rejuvenation with our Aromatherapy Scalp + Full Body massage. This comprehensive session combines the therapeutic benefits of a full-body massage with the sensory delight of aroma-infused scalp massage.

Preparation and Session Overview

1. Intake Form and Personalized Plan

Before your massage therapy session, we prioritize your well-being by sending you an intake form via email. This allows us to understand your unique needs and preferences. Upon your arrival, a licensed massage therapist will discuss your session plan with you, ensuring a personalized and tailored experience.

2. Variety of Techniques

During the 60-minute session, our skilled therapists employ various techniques such as kneading, rubbing, compression, and long, flowing strokes to manipulate the soft tissues of your body. This holistic approach targets different areas, promoting overall relaxation and well-being.

3. Communication and Adjustments

Throughout the massage, our therapists maintain open communication with you. This ensures that the pressure and techniques used align with your comfort level. Whether you prefer a gentle touch or a firmer massage, your preferences guide the session.

4. Incorporation of Hot Stones and Comfort Modalities

Hot stones are strategically utilized on the body to enhance circulation and further relax muscles. Additionally, hot towels and other comfort modalities are incorporated as long as you feel comfortable. These elements contribute to a more immersive and soothing experience.

Aromatherapy Scalp Massage

5. Application of Aromatic Oil

Transitioning to the aroma scalp portion, the therapist starts by applying a small amount of aromatic oil or lotion to your scalp. This carefully chosen scent adds an extra layer of relaxation to the overall experience.

6. Gentle and Therapeutic Techniques

Using gentle, circular motions and varying pressure, the therapist focuses on specific pressure points and areas of tension in the scalp. Techniques such as stretching and kneading further release tension, creating a holistic and revitalizing scalp massage.

7. Soothing Aroma Atmosphere

As the massage progresses, the soothing aroma of the oil or lotion envelops you, creating a serene environment that enhances the overall sensory experience.

Indulge in the ultimate relaxation with our Aromatherapy Scalp + Full Body massage.

Book your escape now and let the aromatic bliss transport you to a state of profound well-being.

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