Basic Microneedling

We offer a transformative basic microneedling treatment designed to rejuvenate and enhance your skin’s appearance. Our skilled estheticians follow a meticulous process to ensure optimal results, promoting collagen production and improving skin texture and tone.

Your Basic Microneedling Session

1. Thorough Cleansing

Your microneedling treatment begins with a thorough cleansing of your skin. We use a high-quality cleanser to remove any makeup, dirt, and oil, ensuring a clean surface for the microneedling process. This step is essential to prepare your skin for the treatment and maximize its effectiveness.

2. Optional Topical Numbing

Depending on your comfort level and the depth of the treatment planned, your esthetician may apply a topical numbing cream to minimize discomfort during the procedure. This ensures a more comfortable experience, allowing you to relax while we perform the microneedling.

3. Precise Microneedling

Using a specialized microneedling device, your esthetician will gently create controlled micro-injuries in the skin’s surface. These micro-injuries stimulate the skin’s natural healing process, promoting collagen and elastin production. This enhances skin texture and tone, resulting in a smoother, more youthful complexion.

4. Customized Serum Application

Following the microneedling process, your esthetician may apply a customized serum or growth factor solution to your skin. The micro-channels created by the microneedling allow for better absorption of these beneficial ingredients, maximizing their effectiveness and further enhancing the treatment results.

5. Soothing Post-Treatment Care

To minimize post-treatment discomfort and inflammation, your esthetician may apply a cooling mask or soothing serum to calm the skin and promote healing. This step helps to reduce redness and accelerate recovery, ensuring you leave our spa feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

6. Essential Sun Protection

After the treatment, protecting your skin from sun exposure is crucial. Your esthetician will recommend using a broad-spectrum sunscreen to shield your skin from harmful UV rays and prevent post-treatment pigmentation. Sun protection is vital to maintain the results of your microneedling and keep your skin healthy.

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Personalized Skincare Advice

Throughout your microneedling treatment, our estheticians provide personalized skincare recommendations and instructions on how to care for your skin post-treatment. We guide you on the best products and routines to optimize results and minimize downtime, ensuring you achieve the best possible outcome.

Benefits of Basic Microneedling Treatment?

  • Expert Estheticians: Our team is highly trained and experienced in delivering precise and effective microneedling treatments.
  • Advanced Techniques: We use the latest microneedling technology to ensure safe and optimal results for your skin.
  • Customized Care: Each treatment is tailored to your skin’s specific needs, enhancing texture, tone, and overall appearance.
  • High-Quality Products: We use premium serums and growth factors to maximize the benefits of your microneedling session.
  • Tranquil Environment: Our spa offers a serene atmosphere where you can relax and enjoy your treatment.
  • Convenient Location: Located in the heart of Brooklyn, NYC, Soul Detox® is easily accessible for your convenience.

Ready to experience the rejuvenating benefits of microneedling? Book your appointment at Soul Detox® Med Spa in Brooklyn, NY, and treat your skin to the expert care it deserves. Unlock a radiant, rejuvenated complexion with our expertly performed microneedling treatment.

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