Toxin Pulling Through Cupping & Hijama: Benefits and Techniques

toxin pulling cupping hijama

What is Cupping?

Cupping is a traditional and widespread spiritual practice with roots in many cultures. Historically, it has been used by the Pharaohs, Greeks, and Chinese, as well as by Muslim, Christian, and Jewish followers of the three Abrahamic religions. It’s one of the oldest and most beneficial ways to release toxins from the body’s tissues and organs; one of the first medical textbooks in existence even describes the practice of cupping.

Cupping involves applying a partial vacuum (negative pressure/suction), which causes tissue beneath the cup to be drawn up and swell. This process increases oxygenated blood flow to the affected area, hence the marks seen post-cupping. The enhanced blood flow draws impurities and toxins away from the nearby tissues towards the surface. This can help facilitate relief from tension and pain by causing your body to enact its natural self-healing response. 

From History to Hollywood

Toxic Pulling (Wet Cupping, Hijama) is one of the remedies from the sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad. Not only did he have Toxic Pulling (Wet Cupping, Hijama) performed on himself, but he also recommended it as a beneficial treatment for various ailments.

Cupping is performed in several steps. The most common body part used for cupping is the upper back between the shoulder blades, away from veins and arteries, though it can also be performed in other areas.

One way to think about cupping is that it is the inverse of massage. Rather than applying pressure to muscles, the suction uses pressure to pull skin, tissue, and muscles upward.

In traditional Islamic scripture, it is mentioned that cupping was also used to cure magic and poison, as it cleanses your blood. The practice has now become increasingly common and is a favorite among athletes and Hollywood celebrities such as Michael Phelps, LeBron James, Jennifer Aniston, Victoria Beckham, Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow, Justin Bieber, and more.

Benefits of cupping

Cupping has many incredible benefits. Here are just a few:

  • Reduce stress
  • Increase relaxation
  • Activate the body’s natural healing response
  • Reduce recovery time from injuries
  • Reduce swelling
  • Increase blood flow and circulation
  • Reduce varicose veins
  • Help alleviate breathing problems
  • Relieve muscle tension and tightness
  • Help with headaches
  • inflammation
  • lymphedema
  • Provide pain relief
  • and so much more!

Talk to your practitioner if you have questions about your specific situation.

It also helps in

  • Blood disorders such as anemia and hemophilia
  • Rheumatic diseases such as arthritis and fibromyalgia
  • Fertility and gynecological disorders
  • Skin problems such as eczema and acne
  • High blood pressure
  • Migraines
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Bronchial congestion caused by allergies and asthma
  • Varicose veins

What to expect at your appointment

As you enter, you will be welcomed by a team of high-end emotionally intelligent and kind employees. They will guide you through our simple forms and procedures.

You will then be taken to the changing area for a more comfortable attire.

Fun fact: If there is a waiting, you can simply change into our soothing robes and order yourself a drink from our café while you enjoy our tranquil lounge area with aroma therapy.

You will be led to the appointment room, where you will be prepped for the soulful experience.

You will be asked to lay, face down. And as you start relaxing over the ambient music, our therapist will start the practice of cupping, relieving you from all pains.

Fun fact: A gentle explanation of each step is provided as the therapy progresses, along with reassurance from you, of course.

After the session, you will be seated up on the table for a few minutes to calm light-headedness. Our staff will re-energise your mind and body with an electrolyte holistic drink, and a simple sugar snack.

Once you are ready, you can then change back into your clothes or simply warm up at our lounge / café.

Finally, your next appointment will be confirmed, as you head out feeling wonderful! Schedule a toxin pulling appointment today!